From Dream to Reality

As a small international team based in Fukuoka, Japan, we had a big idea

back in 2017.


We wanted to make soft clay with a focus on quality, art, and

the slime creator community.

A different animal and Japanese plant

for all 10 colors, we hope everyone will enjoy using our clay as much as

we enjoyed creating it.

Our Story

Artist Profile


An Illustrator Of Many Colors

We've been following Takumi and his artwork for years and are very excited to be releasing our clay with his artwork gracing the covers.

Having illustrated for major bands such as Maximum the Hormone, Takumi is skilled in a wide variety of illustration styles. 


We presented the ukiyo-e style idea to Takumi and left the entire creative process up to him. We are honored to have him onboard this project.


Follow him on Twitter and check out his other work below!

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