simple butter slime

what you'll need



white school glue


borax powder

one 60 gram block of Nendo Soft Clay

what to do

First off let's make the borax water (we'll call it activator from here out)!

Add 6 grams of borax powder to a water bottle.

Add 60 grams of warm water. Warmer water will help the borax to dissolve.

Shake the bottle until mixed well, then add another 240 grams of water. 

Shake that up and you've got yourself some activator! Congrats!

Now, put some white school glue into a bowl. We've found great results with using a whole bottle of 4 ounce (118ml) school glue. 

Start adding the activator a little at a time while stirring the glue with your spatula. You'll see the glue starts to thicken! Keep adding a bit of activator at a time until you see the glue start to pull away from the bowl. When it's non-sticky enough to hold in your hand, pull it out of the bowl and start to knead it in your hands.

After the slime isn't too sticky any more (you can add a bit more activator if you need to) then it's time to add the Nendo Soft Clay!

Start mixing the slime with Nendo Soft Clay and kneading it, squeezing it, and playing with it until it's thoroughly mixed together. After a few minutes of mixing, you'll have a lovely, satisfying butter slime!


If your slime is ever too sticky, try adding a bit more borax water.

If your slime feels too thick or dry, add some hand lotion.

Make sure to keep your slime in an airtight container after playing with it so it doesn't dry out. That way you can enjoy your Nendo butter slime in the future as well!

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