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We're looking for soft clay artists

who would like to

sell their artwork on Claystation.

If you're a soft clay or slime creator and would like to sell through our site,

we'd love to have you.

CLAYSTATION is a website for soft clay artists

around the world.

There's no better place to share, discuss, and sell your

soft clay creations.

We need artists!

The first 5 artists to sign up before

the launch of CLAYSTATION will 

keep 100% of the profit

from their sales for a YEAR!

We'll subtract only the fees for processing the customer's payment. We make the listing, optimize the photos, and promote the artist through advertising. The artist is responsible only for providing photos of their art and shipping to the customer.

"When will I be paid when my art sells?"

Payments from sales will be made through PayPal every Monday morning Japan time (before GMT+4).

"So, is this site only about selling?"

Nope! We will also be hosting interviews on our blog and promoting soft clay artists and their social media accounts. Our dream is to create an international

soft clay artist community.

We hope you'll be on the of the first to join!

Sign up now!

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