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Finding the Best Mix

Nendo Soft Clay is a little different from other clays! It's high quality, premium clay with a texture unlike any other! It's light and soft, especially after you knead it. It's also more dense!

That density and texture are what help Nendo Soft Clay make the smoothest, most satisfying butter slime out there!

We made some red, blue, green, and pink slime and mixed them together! Kind of looks like Fruit Stripe gum? Anyone?

We recently put together a short video highlighting some of our favorite #slimers and their unique approach to mixing Nendo Soft Clay in #slime!

Give it a watch, and try it out for yourself!

Oh! And if you have any of your own unique ideas or ways to mix Nendo Soft Clay, make sure to use the tag #mixitnendostyle! We'd love to see what you come up with ^^


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