• Derek

Let's See the Art!

We approached Takumi with an idea of having a different animal to represent each color. I wanted to make sure there was a frog and a crow somewhere in the mix, but other than that we left the rest up to him.

One of my personal favorites. ^^

We gave Takumi 10 colors and he picked the animals and each of the themes.

Here's what he chose.

Black - #Crow and Japanese Persimmon

Red - #Carp and Autumn Leaves

Green - #Frog and Hydrangea

Yellow - #Fox and Nanjin Berries

Purple - #Bat and Bamboo

Brown - #Hawk and White Plum

Pink - #ShibaInu #Dog and Cherry Tree

White - #Crane and Pine

Blue - #Rabbit and Thinwood

Light Blue - #Cat and Morning Glory

Which one is your favorite? We'd love to hear from you!

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