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The new, softer, more satisfying Nendo Soft Clay is here!

Nendo is softer than ever, while keeping the high quality, satisfying texture that people around the world have grown to love. Perfect for making butter slime, crafts, and models! Also popular for clay cracking, and all sorts of DIY slimes!


Set Includes

5 - Simple White Nendo Soft Clay blocks


StressFree Nendo Soft Clay package art and design: Yuki of @yuki.slimez. Check out her website HERE!
Yuki also designed Nendo-kun, our new mascot!


In an effort to reduce waste, we've simplified our packaging (no more wasteful cardboard)!

All clays now come in a high quality, simple plastic bag! 

Please store unused clay in an air-tight container to keep it FRESH, and recycle packaging after using.


Check out our testimonials page to see what famous slimers are saying about Nendo!


Don't forget to use hashtag #mynendo when uploading your slime creation or mixing video to social media for a chance to be featured on the official Nendo Soft Clay Instagram account!


Nendo Soft Clay Information

  • Specifically designed as an essential ingredient for slime making
  • Net Weight 60 grams
  • Great as a modeling clay
  • Low scent! Perfect for adding your own fragrances
  • Non-toxic
  • Water Based
  • Air dry material (No need to bake)
  • Ultra Light and stretchy
  • Suitable for ages 6 and over

New Nendo Soft Clay 5 Clay Set

  • Shipping is totally FREE worldwide! Woo hoo!

    Please read below concerning import taxes and customs*

    Upon confirmation of payment your item will be processed for shipment within 1-4 business days. We're a super small team, but we'll package your clay carefully and send it off as soon as we can! 

    A tracking code will be issued to the email you registered with purchases of 4 or more clays only.

    Average time for delivery within Japan is 3-5 business days. (So fast!)

    For international shipments, expect a 2-4 week delivery time. (Not so fast, but not too bad!?)

    International orders can sometimes take up to 5 weeks for delivery depending on customs clearance and other factors. Hopefully it will get there quickly, but flying clay across the globe can be an unpredictable adventure. Sometimes the clay may need to rest its wings on a tropical island! Ha! (Get it? Because the clay is flying? No? Oh, ok...)

    We cannot be held responsible for lost goods if an incorrect shipping address is provided, so please check to make sure your address has no mistakes before purchasing! This is really important! Please check twice, thrice, and four times that all your address information is correct. This is SO important we wrote it in BOLD LETTERS. Many orders have been lost in forsaken, dark, and forgotten parts of the universe because of wrong addresses. Your clay will live out its life alone, being tossed around between post office to post office, only to be returned to us smashed up in a sad smashed up box with "INCORRECT ADDRESS" stamped on it in big red letters. However! Should your package not show up, or arrive damaged, please contact us at: stressfreelifejapan@gmail.com.

    Import Duties and Customs Taxes (DUN DUN DUN)

    *Unfortunately, customs and import tax charges are different for every country and are completely out of our control. These charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Before purchasing, please check with your local post office to find out more about your country's rates and to check if you will be charged import duties.

    Have a question, comment, or concern? Want someone to read the new poem you've written about how awesome Nendo Soft Clay is? Want to inquire about buying wholesale? Send us an email!